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Patient Survey 2019 Posted on 30 Mar 2022

We would like to thank all of those who took part and contributed to our 2019 Patient Survey.

Please see report and action plan below.  We have also displayed graphs in the Practice as a visual management tool. 

If you have any questions or comments please speak with a member of the Practice Team.

Analysis Patient Survey 2019 (PDF, 244KB)

Action Plan





Appointment System

We are trialing a new system and will review.  Promote Extended Access



4 months

Review by end of year

Exterior of Practice untidy

Commission gardener to tidy

4 weeks

Gardner booked and work to be completed by end of August


Online Appointments

Encourage patients to sign up for online services


On Going


Display DNA rate

Manager to produce reports outlining DNA ratio


1 month

Produce first set of data by End September 2019

Poster for Clinic Times for Doctors



Manager to produce a document outlining clinic days and times


This has been done

Patient Participation Group

We are actively seeking new recruits /patients to develop the PPG.

End of Quarter 4


Update the website/advertise -



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The Solihull Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd